What to look for in a site?

I am a veteran reader of The Examiner, and I have followed the article “Online Dating In Your 40’s – What Should You Look For in a Site?” very closely.

In the article you describe you experience at Work, on this site, and in person. The number of divorced men you deal with at work is quite astounding, but quite frankly, it may surprise you to know how many divorced women are left out. What I do see is an increase in the number of women entering the single arena at a younger age than some of their friends. Women seem to be embracing a different way of life and dating is almost a rite of passage.

A woman of my age is becoming confident and now having a voice in her life. I believe your question was focused on whether or not your profile should be fair and modest, your dating style is something to be embraced, and I have some thoughts and advice for the reader of this post on my site.

First of all, I think there are a lot of people out there looking for marriage. I’m 50 years old and there are a lot of divorced men out there trying to find a wife that will love them more than they love her. My idea of how much a person should be willing to invest is different than yours. The financial heft of the person depends on their age. He is mid 40’s I believe.

If a man is approaching his 30’s, he is done with the dating game and either is broken up with or still in a relationship. It is not uncommon for couples to go past 7 years of being together as a single person. My guess is that if you have been active in dating for 7 years, you should be looking for marriage. If you have been with a man for 1 year, chances are he wants to continue that relationship until he is at least divorced from his last wife. If he will wait a year before filing for divorce, and if he is still in a relationship, then that is very common in that age group.

My advice to this woman would be to evaluate how much she has invested in her relationship with her boyfriend/husband. Then, consider how much effort it would take to get your eyes opened to a new dating situation. I know you enjoy going to work, doing different things and spending more time with your friends, and now might be a good time to connect with a new prospect. Use your imagination and some imagination skills in using that new person that will help you open the door to what you will do once you are home from work. There are different things you can expect to look for in a new relationship. It should not be surprising. Have fun on the site, learn some new things about people, and start having fun!

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