Top 10 things women won’t tell you about online dating

“Women really need to start getting naked for internet dating,” snarled @abianronio on Twitter.

The sentiment is a common one and in some ways, it’s about right: We have an online dating frenzy, and women are kind of lagging behind. The good news is that our time is here and real – plus the bottom line is we get to do it ourselves. (Because good looks are only part of the online dating scene.) From our fearless leader, our top ten (in no particular order) things women will never tell you about their approach to online dating:

A quick meander about what’s going on, boy meets girl, internet match for same as your last one. Got things rolling! – @kanyearrachko

What’s it like to play football? (But without suffering the painful concussions.) – @maskotam

Subtle but right. (Surprisingly, for a woman.) – @sbraga

Cute dog, but the contest’s over when he says “Dove Season!” (That makes me think of both the litter of Poodles at Animal Aid’s adoption shelter and you. Like it.) – @WendyMorris

It’s summertime, but bring a cooler. Even if they are professional and male models. Find cute footie pajamas for both of you. Keep all the leftovers. Thanks. – @blackmomryelling

Call a true friend with your entire internet dating history. You and every guy out there will have something fun to talk about.

Okay. Am I a slutty whore online? – @jonwelsh

Pass the real estate agent and the car. – @fucoffray

To quote Rodney Dangerfield, “You don’t get to be a boss until you earn it!” Get your resume in gear. – @middie

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