The odds are long but you can have a better chance with this love triangle

April 16-18 is National Cheating Awareness Week. In the past 14 years there were approximately 81,000 incidents of infidelity at work and 4,300 cases of infidelity reported to police.

Confession: Many of the couples I see at my office do not even try to make it to the altar when they are in the throes of their relationship. The results of this cheating is heartbreaking; many couples end up either divorcing or separating.

However, a person’s morals cannot be changed by cheating. In fact, staying married with other people makes the marriage weaker.

Men are often left out of the drama and some become more accepting of their wives being with other men. For men, there are not as many things to do when a woman is with another man. Also, men often do not know that women may have sex with men. But after years of cheating and watching how it changes other relationships, I can tell you that it is worth it. If that same kind of cheating occurred in your relationship, stop your current affairs from going there. For these couples who stay together despite the cheating, they make a commitment to one another and are committed to finding the right relationship for you.

Above all else, it is important to maintain fidelity.

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