GIRL MEETS MALAISE: An open letter to a relationship-seeker

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Liz Chandler wrote in this space that she needed to know what she wanted from her boyfriend, Tommy. She wrote that she was in between relationships and that she felt like she wasn’t able to relate to guys she met online.

She was actually searching for the same types of expectations she had in the past in relationships, so she could build on them. What she found was a love of and respect for travel, and her email turned into a dating site where people with similar experiences could meet for coffee.

Liz’s stories were originally featured on my web site, and now, they’re featured in this blog, where they’re updated regularly.

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Liz writes about the relationships that have helped her build the confidence to step into the dating world:

While going through trials and tribulations with some of the guys I dated online, I looked back and realized that those relationships were the ones that gave me the confidence to step out into the real world. I am the same person that I was before, and despite the trials I faced, I still am responsible for my actions, and sometimes things don’t always work out. When you have a positive attitude and realize that you can move on from anything, that is the one thing that will allow you to move forward.

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