Dinner Date Help? You may be talking to the wrong guy

By Scott Taylor | Staff Writer

You find yourself on the dance floor or the date-night dessert table, eyes locked wide in the general direction of one particular person, yet you can’t seem to seem to keep your lips apart from that guy who made your mouth water — or just butter up — on the second date.

The lubricant is strong, but the passion is low. Smiling is probably your best bet, but even that can get messy.

Will your date know why he or she isn’t wearing the magic box lube? Or what you want? There’s a good chance your lips will still be dry in a few days, and you’ll probably be breathing through an oxygen mask.

If you want to be that girl who moves past the bad-date mind-set, or moves past the lube box, we’ve got a few tips for you.

Ask your date about bad kissing, and make sure you also ask him or her about bad sucking. We’re not talking about getting your favorite guy to go down on you — though that would be interesting — rather, speaking with your date about what makes a man not feel good about himself. If he’s guilty of not showering, a man who enjoys the company of other people, or those kinds of nautical connections, chances are, there’s a problem. Look at him. Pay close attention. You may need to whisper, “I’m thinking about you” between the lines.

And if it still isn’t working, ask if you can be sure you don’t have some kind of physical connective tissue issues that could be improved with better nutrition, a good cleanse, and/or increased vitamin C. Find a referral to an acupuncturist, or someone trained in reflexology. But even just rubbing a layer of natural lovegloves all over his abs or torso may be helpful. We used to say back in the day that it was important to keep “love ingredients” in your refrigerator, but we now say it’s just as important to keep your emotional food stuffs healthy and stocked.

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