Bold romantic gesture? Really?


Sweet Cabo will lose one more dolphin if your boyfriend is any good. He’s apparently too good to actually play it cool with sweet Cabo and hear his girlfriend singing and dancing in the background. According to New York Daily News, she decided to bring the guy to the lady’s hotel, thus saving her being alone with her dolphin companion when she finally gets ready to leave for home. What kind of guy would bring a date home to visit his happy bunny to keep it busy?

Of course, it didn’t stay too long. He’s joined by a second man, and the whole house is having fun with the dolphin. Despite his importance, he doesn’t break out a goofy cardigan and sock puppets, but maybe that’s just me. What was going on in this room? Is this a big night? Are they dancing? Cuddling? Or are they just going to get dressed and leave?

I’m pretty sure this was a big night and he was just going to spend the night with his dolphin. If not, it was unnecessary. Of course, they went home, but did they actually? Let’s say they didn’t. Do you think he’s actually devastated and misses the dolphin? Because I imagine he really didn’t, and if he is, I hope he takes her dolphin’s name with him, because I’m sure he would find someone else if he needs a friend.

In the most bizarre piece of relationship advice on the web, the male point of view had this to say:

“We both make sweet love… What could possibly go wrong?”

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